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EXPERT legal services.

Washington, D.C. based boutique law firm handling all matters related to the firearms, weapons and explosives industry. The firm provides exceptional, personalized client service as it pursues practical, cost-effective solutions to complex legal issues.

More Than Just a Law Firm

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Mark Barnes & Associates is a boutique law firm focused on firearms law. Our mission is to give our clients exceptional, personalized legal services.

Our Attorneys

Our experienced team of attorneys vigorously represents the interests of individual and business clients before the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the federal government.

Our Consultants

Our clients have access to a number of leading legal and policy experts who serve as independent consultants to our firm on specific matters by written agreement. These consultants add invaluable expertise in the area of firearms, ammunition and explosives law.


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Practice Areas

Our Areas of Expertise

Our firm focuses on import and export control, federal, state and local firearms business, registration and licensing, and regulatory compliance. We also assist many businesses on legislative and policy matters related to the gun trade, and provide comprehensive audit and training assistance to clients.
Firearms & Ammunition

Practicing firearms, ammunition and explosives law for the last 25 years.

Import & Export Controls

Helping clients conduct import and export transactions related to firearms, accessories, sporting shotguns and defense articles.

Administrative Law

Presents policy arguments on behalf of clients before federal regulatory agencies


Provides legal guidance for issues concerning destructive devices, high explosives, and less lethal weapons and devices.

Audits and Investigations

Conducted numerous internal audits and corporate compliance investigations.

Legislative Affairs

Assistance in proposing, opposing and amending federal legislation that impacts their business and trade association interests.

Legal Counseling

Mr. Barnes not only is trained as a firearms attorney, but also has an extensive experience in the private sector and government,

Firearms & Ammunition Excise Tax

Consults clients with the many nuances related to Firearms and Ammunition Excise (FAET), and helps clients resolve tax issues with TTB.

complex legal and regulatory compliance challenges

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